February 18

Wednesday – day 16

I didn’t exercise today just because I felt bleurghhh, I felt drained from what i’d been through the day before, and I just thought I would treat myself to some rest. Rest is something in fact we don’t do enough. When we have a goal we think we must work work work in order to achieve it. Little do we know or realise that our bodies need to rest too in order to get us to that goal.

I learnt this when I was on my massive ‘weight loss adventure’ in 2012. I had decided that what I saw in the mirror was not what I wanted to look at and knew I HAD TO do something about it. Not enjoying running, probably because of the jiggling or the shortness of breath (I was a smoker) I needed something else, something to keep me focused. So in April 2012 I started boxing and then in late June I was chosen to fight in a white collar amateur boxing fight in September that year.

I was boxing twice a day, sometimes more and sometimes with other forms of exercise too like cross fit. I didn’t want to rest because I saw it as wasting time. I plateaued in my weight loss and I started getting fuzzy head during training. I guess I also started to get mentally tired and bored. I was told by someone that rest days were as important as work days and should take at least 1 a week.

I did so and my mental state changed, my weight started to go down again and I enjoyed what I was doing more.

So TODAY was one of those days.

I made myself eggs for lunch and a delicious tofu and turkey mince with cauliflower rice for dinner (will post recipe separately) and I felt better about myself and what I was trying to achieve.

We forget sometimes!
We forget sometimes!


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