January 29


Let's get this going
Let’s get this going

This goal diary has 3 sides – fitness, health and personal development

The fitness and health goals are something which I plan to document on a daily basis by being accountable to weight, exercise done and what goes in my mouth.

Personal development is a little more tricky. I have always had very little direction with regard what I want to do; career wise, interest wise, living wise, love wise. I want to be a better version of the person I am. I hope by keeping a diary of what I do, of how I feel and to try and learn something new everyday, whether it’s about myself or not, will help me accomplish this.

Fitness Goals (initially to be achieved by mid April)

  • I want to lose 8kg / 20lbs
  • Build muscle and definition
  • I want to do 3o full push ups – all in one go, no stopping and dropping to my knees!
  • I want to be able to do 10 unassisted pull ups
  • I want to run 5km at least, 6 times a week
  • I want to run a half marathon

Health Goals (to be continual, a change to my lifestyle)

  • Learn to appreciate ‘healthy’ food and cook it!
  • Go gluten free and wheat free
  • Go processed sugar and processed food free
  • Cut out refined carbs
  • Share as many recipes on here as possible – try everyday!

Personal Development

  • Learn to meditate
  • Take a photography course
  • Continue and up my yoga attendance
  • Take a yoga for kids teaching course
  • Take time to think about what I want to achieve on a career level
  • tbc……



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