February 13

Days 5 & 6 – the first weekend…

This journey will be long and there will be ups and downs, there will be times when I am ‘well behaved’ and others when I just have to embrace the situation and enjoy what’s there to try….this weekend was that.

Saturday started very well, we went to Cross Fit – I hadn’t been to cross fit since I was last here and I loved it, will be returning! The work out was –


  • Bent over rows @ 55pounds
  • OH Lunges w/25pounds
  • Hollow rocks

AND complete 300m farmer carries before the end of the WOD w/ 25pounds in each hand….

I completed it in 18m31secs – yay!!

Breakfast was yuuummy and true paleo!


Then here’s where being good came in. We went to the cinema and one of my most favourite things of all time..popcorn..did not cross my lips! BUT I have found that if I don’t eat for a while I get light headed, apparently this is normal and one should eat to relieve this feeling – PROBLEM is when there aren’t any healthy options, does one eat what one can get hold of, try the healthiest option (I’m in America sometimes that is just HARD) or just eat and then try and be as good as possible for the rest of the day…? I had a frozen yoghurt, plain flavour, small size. NOW writing this up now, would I have been better satisfying my massive cravings with pop corn at 236 calories or eating for the sake of it, the frozen yoghurt at 159 calories?? Obviously the difference is there but mentally, does that have anything to do with it?

The rest of the day was also up in arms with dinner with friends at a ‘spanish / mexican’ tapas restaurant.

The popcorn would not have been so bad in hindsight!!

SUNDAY – was much of the same….a 5.5km run along a snowy track which was LOVELY, first time out in the fresh air for some exercise, can’t wait for the spring, hurry up already!!

Loved running outdoors for the first time in a month
Loved running outdoors for the first time in a month

But then this is where it got bad…it was superbowl night and although we tried to take ‘healthy’ snacks to our friends house – homemade lean meatballs in tomato salsa and freshly made guacamole – there was so much delicious temptation from others… How could we but EMBRACE what is nearly a national holiday here and tuck into dishes specially (and I’m told only) made for that one day?? Needless to say we went home feeling full, sluggish and no where near as healthy as we had been for the week prior.


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January 31

Day 4…


So i’ve weighed myself lots today and none have been the same, 63kg, 63.6kg, 63.2kg, 64kg..63.7kg….ok whats going on??!!

I have always said that I believe in a balanced life, then I binge, and it’s not balanced. But this time I said I wanted a balanced life with lots of exercise to get to where I want to be. But is that possible?? Do I need to go full Paleo to see the results I want?

Last night I met a guy who said he was Paleo and did cross fit and felt amazing, he also said the minute he came off Paleo he put on weight – so what to do? Is balance actually possible?

I’m starting back at cross fit tomorrow and will continue to eat well – let’s see!

ps – I ate a sandwich for lunch, took one of the slices of bread off…it had chicken and veg and was delicious. I’m not going to feel guilty because I went to a circuits class and am off to Bikram in an hour – Oh and I still have my 5km this evening to run.

Stuff should be happening right??

Here here sister!!!
Here here sister!!!


Ended up at the gym this evening, ran my 5km and felt great! Even if the running isn’t doing as much as I want it to, the feeling it produces are worth it!

Chicken salad and quiet friday night in, what has become of me?? Good change though!

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January 31

Fitness challenge – Day 3

Felling sooooore and tired today. Also have a bit of a headache. Hmmmm i’m thinking its because of the body pump and run yesterday. But also because I haven’t done much other than the exercise and plan what to eat next, prepare and then cook it…. Life is very different in the suburbs!

So Day 3 – 63kg at 9.30am this morning and 63.7kg when I weighed myself at 4:30pm…..why does it go up and down?? Need to make days like this not let me waiver…have been thinking about hot chocolate, cappuccinos with lots of chocolate powder on top – will have to do some research on healthy but delicious hot drinks. Although there are a million healthy smoothies to make so will have to get on to that.

Ran 5.25km this morning. Was ok for the most of it but struggled at the end. Have been putting the treadmill on 10.5km an hour (its -11 degrees out, can’t wait to be able to run outdoors!)

That was haaaard!
That was haaaard!

Breakie was greek yoghurt and gluten free granola and salad with chicken for lunch – which was yummy! Dinner at our friends who are on the Paleo diet was great – beef and veg with a paleo crumble to finish. YUM. Will definitely have to get the receipe.

I think this is all made a little harder by the fact i’m feeling a little homesick…


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January 30

Cooking – Thai red chicken and veg curry with cauliflower rice

My favourite foods are saucy; spag bol, curry, stews…and guess what comes with them – yup carbs! Pasta, rice, potatoes. And although I know that I can eat rice – wild, red and brown are obviously better than white – and I can substitute pasta for rice noodles or something but that’s not the point, I need to during this little adventure try and eat better but find food which are still yummy.

So last night I cooked cauliflower rice with chicken and veg Thai red curry and it was yum! I will definitely cook it again and experiment other cauliflower rice recipes.

The Curry

(for 2 people)

  • 2 chicken breast – chopped up into cubes
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 medium red onion
  • 1-2 tablespoons of thai red curry paste (make sure buy the one which only has herbs and spices in the ingredients, nothing you can’t pronounce!)
  • 1 cup coconut milk (I used lite)
  • loads of veggies, whichever you like (I used red pepper, mushrooms, courgette, broccoli, snow peas)

I got everything chopped and ready

Veggies ready to go
Veggies ready to go


Chopped the chicken and seasoned it with freshly ground salt and pepper

Tasty chook
Tasty chook

Get the coconut oil in a big heavy based frying pan on medium heat and once its nice and shimmery add the chicken and brown it

Getting your tan on chook
Getting your tan on chook

Once the chicken is brown (so dont worry if its not cooked all the way through) take it out the pan, on to a plate and put the onion in to the same pan and get it nice and cooked (when it goes kind of transparent). Then add the chicken back in and add the curry paste


The flavouring is ready
The flavouring is ready

And give it all a good stir so that the chicken is completely coated

All covered up with yummy paste
All covered up with yummy paste

Then add the coconut milk and stir so everything is covered

Curry coming along
Curry coming along

Then you’re ready to add the veggies. Stir and cover and put on looooow heat for at least 20 mins.

The rice

  • A medium cauliflower head – florets roughly chopped up
  • small onion – chopped up small (you can put it in the food processor to make it tiny)
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

Put the chopped up cauliflower in a food processor and pulse until it gets to a rice consistency

Get the cauli in the processor
Get the cauli in the processor
Fake rice!
Fake rice!

Fry up the onion in the coconut oil and once its translucent add the ‘rice’ and season (you can even add some paprika or chilly flakes)

Cooking up the fake rice
Cooking up the fake rice

Cover the cooking ‘rice’ and leave for 10-15 mins on lowish heat with the occasional stir. Then you are ready to serve!

Ready to munch!
Ready to munch!

Hey and guess what it was yuuumy!




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January 30

Fitness challenge – Day 2..

Pahh to anything that tries to get in the way!
Pahh to anything that tries to get in the way!

Day 2 – 63.7kg. Appreciate this could go up and down through water but i’m happy with it for now!!

So i’ve added loads more water to my daily intake – and so have my loo visits. I’ve felt good though (even though it woke me up in the middle of the night..)

No real food cravings just yet. The smell of chocolate stopped me in my tracks though….

Exercise consisted of a body pump class at 9:30am and a 5km run at 6pm. Pushed through and know I will be sore tomorrow!

Lunch was left over salmon from last night and dinner a yum chicken and veg thai red curry with cauliflower rice – hey hey no white carbs and was super delish! Breakfast was perhaps not the best option, but I took advantage of it being post work out and had greek yoghurt with gluten free granola and ground flaxseed…loved it. Might see how I go this week with yoghurt as a breakfast and then next week with more of a protein breakie and compare the 2.

I’ve been wearing a nike fuel band since Christmas now, setting the ‘fuel points’ to 3300 and since moving over to the States a week ago, where there is no pedestrian life, today was the first day I reached my point goal. MUST WALK MORE!

And we continue x

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January 29

Quote of the day…

During a yoga class the teacher recited the following quote from St Francis of Assisi. I think it’s pretty awesome;

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; suddenly you are doing the impossible”

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January 29

Cooking – Salmon all wrapped up

I love salmon and have tried for months to get my boyfriend to eat fish and he has always said no… so today when I asked  him could we have it – as a start of the new regime – he kindly agreed, bit the bullet and said go for it. I knew I had to make it delicious and non-fishy so that any other request for it would be allowed.

Salmon and veg done well –

  • 2 handfulls of baby bak choy – chopped length ways
  • 1 red pepper – thinly sliced
  • 1 handful of snow peas
  • 2 salmon fillets (if cooking for 1 then only one fillets and reduce the veg as well)
  • half a red onion finely diced
  • 3 small cloves of garlic sliced
  • 1.5 thumbs of ginger – peeled and sliced into batons
  • 1 teaspoon of sesame seed oil
  • 1/4 cup of tamari (or low sodium soy sauce)
  • ground pepper to taste

How I put it together –

  1. Preheat oven to 400F
  2. Get all your veg ready and chopped
  3. Mix up the ingredients from the onions down in a bowl and set aside
  4. Tear off as many long pieces of parchment paper as you have salmon fillets and fold in half (i’d say 60cm total – 30cm when folded)

Arrange the veg on the parchment paper with the salmon on top

Veg and salmon all piled up
Veg and salmon all piled up

Drizzle the onion etc mix over each salmon fillet

All drizzled
All drizzled

With the salmon fillets parallel to you bring the paper edges together and roll and fold, then fold up the ends

Wrapped up and ready for the oven
Wrapped up and ready for the oven

Place on a baking tray and cook in the oven for 20 mins

Yum yum yum
Yum yum yum


ps – he loved it, there will be salmon on the menu again :)

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January 28

Fitness Challenge – Day One!

And so we begin...
And so we begin…

So this is DAY ONE of the beginning of a new way of thinking, acting and being.

I plan to weigh myself everyday, measure myself and take a photo every week and keep a daily food diary.

This is me – 64.9kg / 143lbs

Measurements –

  • Across bust – 89.5cm
  • Waist – 77.5cm
  • Across belly button – 89.5cm
  • Across bum – 105cm
  • Right thigh – 60.5cm


Day 1 - the transformation starts TODAY
Day 1 – the transformation starts TODAY

I have the following fitness goals and these are to be achieved by mid April 2014 – I have 3 months (0r just under!!)

  • I want to lose 8kg / 20lbs
  • Build muscle and definition
  • I want to do 3o full push ups – all in one go, no stopping and dropping to my knees!
  • I want to be able to do 10 unassisted pull ups
  • I want to run 5km at least, 6 times a week
  • I want to run a half marathon

Here goes – wish me luck!

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